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  • Simple tip to communicate better: SUA (Stop Using Acronyms)!
    Ask five managers the top 3 things their current company can improve and seven of them will list Communication in some shape or form. The most interesting fact is that the same managers when they need to deliver a message (like... in... communicate) with their team they do things like this: "gm GGHV team, FYI, regarding the project WST I would like to point out that the WW team (which is part of GRC btw) found an issue with our IDP. We are currently running a PoC with a new …

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  • How to configure a fancy terminal
    My work machine changed a few times in the past 6 months: I went from a Dell running Ubuntu to a MacBook running macOS and back to Windows with now a Lenovo ... sheesshhh! The hardest part for sure was the muscle/brain memory when I had to switch from doing Ctrl + C (Ubuntu) to Command + C (MacOS) back to Ctrl + C (Windows) using a Microsoft Sculpt keyboard that doesn't have a Command button (it's the windows button in this case). Why Steve Jobs!?! Why I cannot create/edit …

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  • Before running with microservices, learn to walk!
    This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting at For my friends/readers that don't live in Brazil and don't know how to use the translate option in the browser: it is a virtual developer's conference that happens in an online map using Gather. I won't lie to you, it was a long process since I got the e-mail saying "Congratulations your submission was selected"! A lot of my "free time" consumed thinking and experimenting to create a good narrative, trying to bring everyone a cohesive and summarized material …

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  • Cost
    I don' think I ever lived or worked in a context where cost/money was not taken in consideration somehow. Since a young boy my mom and dad thought me valuable lessons about money, investments and how to track spends. Even to this day when I'm organizing a barbecue with my friends I estimate the cost, search around to get the best offers (without compromising quality) and track the spends to split evenly among us. So, when building the blog of course cost was taken in consideration. To prove my point, …

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  • Time to make something that looks good
    I'm not a designer but I do find Design a fascinating world and of course it has many different specializations just like any field. "UI/UX Design" is the term you will most likely hear in the software development industry and they are an abbreviation for User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) Design. Design Thinking is captivating either and comes next on "industry appearance" but not linked with the context we are trying to talk about here. Today's post is all about making something that is visually pleasant (UI) …

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