Before running with microservices, learn to walk!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting at For my friends/readers that don't live in Brazil and don't know how to use the translate option in the browser: it is a virtual developer's conference that happens in an online map using Gather.

I won't lie to you, it was a long process since I got the e-mail saying "Congratulations your submission was selected"! A lot of my "free time" consumed thinking and experimenting to create a good narrative, trying to bring everyone a cohesive and summarized material that makes sense.

Overall I'm extremely happy with the results and I think I was able to thick that box of "presenting at an external event" with a great sense of belonging, giving back to the community and most important: having fun!

I had a 50 mins slot so I prepared 35 minutes of content and left the rest for a Q&A and guess what happened? We ran over time in the Q&A part and continued the discussion for 25 more minutes so I can say that people were engaged 😀

Thank you so much for the 100+ people that followed along and also everyone that somehow connected back to via the blog, linkedin or twitter to provide feedback! I'm pretty sure that if we had 1 hour more we would have continued the discussion!

I promised that I would post the materials after the talk in the blog during this week so I will use this month blog post to do so:


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