I don’ think I ever lived or worked in a context where cost/money was not taken in consideration somehow. Since a young boy my mom and dad thought me valuable lessons about money, investments and how to track spends. Even to this day when I’m organizing a barbecue with my friends I estimate the cost, …

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Here am I again staring at the laptop screen thinking: Is it time to talk about technology stack definitions and decisions I had to make for the blog? Bear with me dear reader we will get there eventually but not in this post! This is where the IT Architect that lives in me wants to …

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Framing the problem

Oh wait, isn’t this blog supposed to talk about tech? Well dear reader, you would be amazed to know that most of the Information Technology (IT) projects/initiatives fail. In fact, the chances of a project succeeding is lower than calling heads in a coin flip. Here a good summary if you want to read more: …

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