Blog Decisions

I already spoiled in my first post (Hello World!) about deciding on WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) for this blog and when finishing the KISS and COD post I also mentioned that WordPress was the chosen one after reevaluating Flutter. I think it is now time for us to double click on the …

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More questions = Better decisions

May/2022 has been a CRAZY month for me, kids and wife were sick for the major part of the month (luckily I haven’t got anything… yet), deadline from the government to fill and submit my income tax forms consuming the majority of my free/non-working hours for multiple days, lots of demand at work and the …

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Nope, this post is not supposed to talk about how you should program a KISS class for two Cod fish avatars touching their lips in the Metaverse (but let´s not close the door here… seems like a great idea to pursue in the future!). Also I too love the band but nope number [2], we …

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